Islam, Sahih al Islam: An Introduction

Without faith in God Almighty, man is blind. The essence of all religions is to bring forward mankind as one family under the banner of the unity of the Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

Religion has been and will always be what man makes of it, and that is why man must take absolute precaution as to how he defines religion and how he goes about implementing religion, the true one in his everyday life. Religion may become a mere thought if not defined properly and acted upon. That is why God Almighty Himself brought forward Islam as the living religion of man. It is not only a religion, but the actual way of life of mankind, and especially the dedicated servants of God. From Prophet Adam to the last of all the law-bearing prophets, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), religion received its true meaning and purpose: to access to God Almighty (Allah - the Supreme and Absolute name of Almighty God; name which no human can and will hold).

ISLAM: The true purpose of life, absolute submission to the living and unique God, the religion of peace and harmony bringing mankind as one entity in the worship of the Almigh

Since the dawn of time, whenever the demons tried to deviate man from the right path and keep him away from the worship of the Creator, God Almighty (Allah) sent times and times again His elects, His prophets, messengers and reformers of religion/faith to guide man back to the righteous path, to teach them the words of Allah and show them the signs of God Almighty, be it in themselves and in the heavens and earth so that they may recognise the absolute power and existence of God and adhere to His path and tru

Thus, God Almighty sent His prophets and messengers with guidance in forms of divine revelations; and some of these divine revelations were clear laws or Divine Scriptures to guide man to God. Each time the highway leading man to God is broken; each time God Almighty raises His Chosen Messenger to repair that highway without which man shall not have access to the Almi

Islam, the religion of all prophets, the religion established and named by God Himself in the last law-bearing Book
- the Holy Quran is the true religion of man and it is Islam which awakens in man true faith, such faith which shall make him gain access to absolute peace and tranquillity in God Almighty Himself.

The prior teachings of God, having been tampered by the hands of man to reflect their own thoughts about religion and what ought to be and not, thus God Almighty raised Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) not as a destroyer of faith but as the Messiah of faith, the divinely anointed king to bring man back to God with the support of clear revelations and laws which are treasures to man’s physical, moral and spiritual state

The Quran is such a Book which pervades the life of man if he lets in the light of its words and impact penetrates him. Such changes shall happen in his life if he devotes his life to research truth and accept it. Seeking the truth of God is one thing, but to accept it and implement it is another whole matter. If man can make religion, man can destroy it too. That is why divine intervention was needed to show to mankind the true religion of God so that he may tread on that path with divine-helped surety and confidence. What better name for the true religion than ISLAM - Submission to the Unique God in peace and faith?

Submission to Allah was, is and shall always be the rule of life with the prophets and messengers of God. Each time man loses his way, God sends to him a guide to indicate to him the right path and even to teach him how to stay on that right path till he accedes to his Goal: God Almighty (Allah).

When man loses his way and fabricates other meanings to religion, the Overpowering Lord sends His guide with His guidance to make them realise their error and stick to that right path, so that they may get to see the face of the Unique God which they are searching fo
r. When people have added innovations to religion and changed the scriptures of God to their likings, God comes to annihilate those false scriptures and people so as to establish once again His kingdom and rules.

If now Islam is defiled by the people, then it is not Islam which is to be blamed or which is weak but it is the people who are to be blamed. Allah sees therefore the need to send times and times again
- and this till the Day of Judgement - such reformers of Islam and humanity at large who would incarnate the true spirit of the perfection of the last law-bearing prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and all prophets of God so as to show the world the truth and purity of Islam.

What are we then, if we are not submitters to the will of God? If we do not submit, we are doomed and liable to be easily tempted by the Satans which roam this world and our own beings, waiting for the right opportunity to rip us from the body of life, our Creator, our support for life

If a baby is connected to its mother in the womb through his umbilical cord, then we must reminds ourselves that we are all connected to our source of life, God Almighty, without whose bond we would have been miscarried or aborted from life. If our body is alive, it is also because of the soul which resides in each of us, a soul which is connected with the divine and which awaits impatiently for the day it shall go back to Him. If we have such souls in us, we are lovers of God who yearn for our Allah only. If not, if we let our souls blend in the negativity of the world and let the Satans fool us, then we lose the essence of divinity which is in us, and we lose our Goal and even our soul. Our Islam disappears and we become unworthy of the title of human with humane qualities which God bestowed upon us in the first place.

Therefore, if Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam exists today, it is not without a purpose. As the religion of Islam has been taken as mere jest by most people of the world, including so-called Muslims who have lost touch with the true essence of Islam, therefore Allah has revealed and ordained yet again a name for such a Jamaat (Community) which shall revive the true Islam. Islam is the real religion. Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam is not a religion but it is the instrument which shall lead people to the true Islam. That is why Allah from among the names He revealed for His Jamaat, made Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam most attractive because this is the raison-d’être of the Divine Manifestation of this age, to bring back people to the true Islam.

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